ASH Drywall trials Knauf spray-applied plaster system

Posted by ASH Drywall

knauff airless 01Ash Drywall are currently trialling the Knauf Airless Finish (spray-applied plaster) system on a high-rise residential development for Wates Construction.

At Ash Drywall, we constantly strive for continuous improvement in working practices. Being open to new methods of working (particularly the utilisation of innovative technologies) is a key part of our strategy and wider business culture. Pursuing this objective, we're currently trialling the Knauf Airless Finish ("KAF") system on a high-rise residential development for Wates Construction.

Utilising a piston pump machine, KAF is applied directly onto smooth surfaces up to four times faster than conventional plastering. Drying times are also faster, allowing follow-on trades to commence work within two days. KAF provides the following key advantages: 

  1. Eliminates Silica Dust - Knauf's plaster formula is entirely free from silica components, ensuring that the risk of silica-dust inhalation is eliminated during sanding-down.

  2. Consistent Finish - The KAF system provides a more uniform surface finish, offering potential savings with subsequent decoration.

  3. Quicker application with less man power - Speeding up the wider construction programme, but not at the expense of quality.

The complete system comprises Knauf Plasterboard, Knauf Fill & Finish, Knauf Joint Filler and KAF spray plaster. The pre-mixed nature of Knauf's plaster range eliminates the requirement for an onsite water supply, ideal for large-scale, tower block construction.

Knauf’s formula has just the required amount of liquid within the mix to enable an easy application. In contrast, traditional plastering methods employ a greater amount of liquid which has the effect of creating longer drying times, extending the build programme. This is further prolonged during the colder winter months.

While traditional plaster dries pink, KAF dries white, creating the ideal background for decorators to begin working on the surfaces. The application from the spray machines also allows for ceilings to be plastered from ground level, eliminating the need for steps or scaffolding (another clear safety benefit) and saving time.

Product waste is almost non-existent with levels of less than 1% when using a spray machine. Excess product can be skimmed from surfaces and recycled back into the machine’s hopper for re-use.