Quality Management Policy

With over 30 years’ experience in this field, DM & C Ash Ltd (trading as Ash Drywall) has earned a reputation for being a reliable and flexible specialist drylining subcontractor, with a formidable reputation for quality.

We strive to create successful solutions with great individuality and we combine a wide range of experience and attention to detail with a commitment to a high level of service.

In the course of our business, it is our policy to pursue, wherever possible, a “Right First Time” approach and our overall objective is to provide services at a level of quality, cost, performance and reliability that will satisfy or exceed customer requirements and standards whilst achieving Company growth and profit. Plans for achieving this objective will be documented and implemented.

Meeting or exceeding the annual business objectives is a collective responsibility. Ash Drywall management will take all necessary measures to ensure that the Quality Policy and objectives are understood, implemented and maintained by all personnel throughout Ash Drywall, including subcontractors, and that appropriate resources are available for that purpose. We will work with our staff, subcontractors and suppliers to ensure that Ash Drywall’s objectives are achieved.

It is the policy of Ash Drywall to establish, implement and to operate a Quality Management System that complies with the principals set out in this Quality Policy. Accordingly, we will establish a culture of continual improvement throughout all aspects of our business and all staff will be required to carry out their tasks with this purpose in mind.

Management Reviews will be conducted regularly, and at least once a year, where targets and goals will be set to ensure that the various objectives are met. The continuing suitability of this Policy and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System will be considered at each Review.

Alex Wallace, Director - February 2020